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First of all: if you're reading this, that means you've decided to help us out during Django Girls workshop. You rock! Thank you :)

We're doing this quick survey to gather all the information about coaches in one place, to get to know you better and make sure we can find a group of women who will be the best match for you.
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For the Workshop
Do you have a ticket for PyCon Namibia? *
Prices here: We can't guarantee help with buying tickets, it will depend on funds.
Which operating systems are you comfortable with? *
As much as possible we would like to give you a group that work on the same operating system as yours, so it's easier to help
If we can't find a group suitable for your operating system are you willing to work with Windows? *
Will you have time before the event to help your group (3 women) install Python / pip on their computers via Google Hangout/Skype/e-mail? *
With which group would you like to work the most? *
Do you already know the tutorial at *
Any dietary restrictions?
We'll be feeding you and would like to know!
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We are hoping enough sponsorship will allow us to provide t-shirts, but we are not sure yet.
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We would like to give you some visibility on our website and show how awesome you are for contributing your time and energy. If you don't mind, please give use following information. If you've coached with Django Girls before you don't need to provide your photo again.
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