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CTL Summer Staff Expectations

Camp Twin Lakes Culture and Expectations

The mission of Camp Twin Lakes is to provide unique and transformative experiences for children and adults with serious illnesses, disabilities, and life challenges. Through adaptive programming and relationship building, we provide campers with a positive experience that will help them develop skills to improve their lives outside of camp.

There are several roles at camp that can help make this experience a reality. The most important of those is the role you are applying for…Program Staff Leader. Before completing the application, CTL wants you to understand the culture of camp and the expectations of the position that will be placed on you to meet this important mission.

First and foremost, camp is about being kind and accepting to all that come through our gates (campers, families, volunteers, donors, supervisors, and other staff). That is the culture at Camp Twin Lakes. Everything that we do revolves around this culture and leads to a safe and memorable experience at camp for everyone.

CTL expects staff to dedicate 12 weeks of their summer to helping our campers grow in their confidence and capabilities. The days start early and end late, often consisting of a 14-hour workday. Your role at camp will vary depending on the needs of the campers, partners, staff, and supervisors. You will need to be able to adapt to varying situations with the camper’s interest always coming first. It’s important that our staff have a “Camp Person” mentality. This means that our staff are able to provide the best customer service at all times, even on the hard days, and is delivered with a smile. It means that we expect our staff to adopt the mentality that everything is their job, even if not specifically listed in the job description. Our staff must be willing to take on housekeeping, food service, and maintenance support roles as needed. Our staff have the willingness to say “yes” even when it may not be that person’s favorite thing to do.

Despite the long days and nature of the work, it is extremely rewarding. If hired, you will have a lasting impact on those you encounter. You will grow both professionally and personally as a result of camp. You will learn how to work with people of all backgrounds and abilities, speak and facilitate with large groups, and much more. You will also learn about yourself and how you can become the person you want to be. We expect a lot from our staff, but if you are hired it is because we know you can handle those expectations.

We are excited about your interest in a position with Camp Twin Lakes. We look forward to reviewing your application soon. If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact Matt Eason at Please sign and date below saying you understand the expectations of this position.
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