[Werk Haus] Dancer Application
[Werk Haus] is an all-inclusive club dedicated to making sure our patrons feel comfortable in an open, accepting setting while also keeping in line with LL guidelines and club rules. This is a roleplay position.

Our Dancers are expected to have an attention to detail when it comes to their avatar's appearance as well as remaining friendly and active in local chat to keep our patron's attention. Any experience level is accepted for this position as we offer on-site training here at [Werk Haus]! Our version of Dancers is more like go-go dancers. While you are not required to remove your clothing, you will be expected to respond to every tip in a simple roleplaying format as a way to say thank you.

Our current Dancer Manager is Jakey (Jakey.Rae). Contact them in-world with any questions you may have regarding your application!
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Do you have experience as Dancer in SecondLife? (Please include locations, and length of employment in each position if possible) *
What is your availability/when are you available to work? (Please provide your answers in SLT) *
A patron has just given you a very generous tip. How will you respond? (Please format all responses in a roleplaying style) *
Dancers are expected to dress for the occasion, especially on themed nights. Please feel free to link photos of the avatar(s) you may be dancing in. These photos will only be viewed by management for application purposes and does not effect your application status. (OPTIONAL)
DISCLAIMER ONE: By checking this box, I understand and agree that I will be required to follow the club rules the same as any staff or patron of the club and to not give exceptions to these rules. *
DISCLAIMER TWO: By checking this box, I understand and agree that my safety comes first. Should any negative interaction occur, I will immediately contact Security and have an incident report filed. *
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