Seattle Sewn Freelance Studio
Thank you for your interest in working with our studio and sewers. We are a pilot project that is part of a larger initiative to revitalize Seattle's sewn goods sector based on an ethos of transparency and equity.

Please be as thorough as possible in filling out this questionnaire so that we may as efficient as possible in helping you.

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1. Which category does your product fall into? *
2. Are you able to provide a factory ready specification with finished dimensions (for all sizes), sewing details, technical drawing or photograph, and list of materials? *
3. Are you able to provide a prototype of exactly what you require? *
4. If you do not have a prototype / specification ready, do you want us to recommend strategies for getting the product ready for production?
5. Are you able to provide the following for the approval sample and the production order? Check all that apply: *
6. Please list any specialized equipment you require:
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7.How soon after the sample is approved do you expect to pick up the finished work? *
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8. How many units will be required for the first order? *
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9. How often do you plan to place orders and how large will they be? *
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10. Are you already selling your products? *
11. If "Yes" to question 12, where are your products for sale -- online, brick and mortar retail, etc?
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12. If "No" to question 12, where to you intend to sell?
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13. What is the retail price of your product(s)? *
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14. Our payment policy is 50% of the order paid up front and the other half 30 days net. Is this acceptable to you? *
15. Please provide complete contact information, including your website if you have one: *
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The Seattle Sewn Consortium is in development and will have a fee-based membership structure (fees TBD, but in line with size of business). Are you willing to pay an additional fee (beyond production costs) to participate in and support the project? *
16. Use this space for any questions you may have, or any additional information you'd like to share
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