ABCirque Casting Call - Different Trains 2019
Please read all the information below and fill out this form to the best of your ability. We are casting for the upcoming run of our show 'Different Trains', a unique adaptation of Steve Reich’s modern minimalist masterwork of the same name. In three movements, the company members of professional circus company, ABCirque, will depict the ups and downs of a family before, during, and after WWII. Reich wrote Different Trains while contemplating his childhood train trips in the 1940’s between New York and Los Angeles. As a Jewish man, it occurred to him that similar train trips in Europe during that time had a very different and haunting implication. Blending circus and dance, German wheel and aerial choreography, Different Trains forges an emotional connection through the narrative, while also striking an emotional chord inline with the music's story and inspiration.


Below are the roles we will be casting for as well as the skill sets required for each. Show dates are 06/22/19, 06/23/19
Rehearsals will take place in May and June.

Mother > The Mother character is a strong, caring member of the community and is fiercely protective of her little girl. As the show progresses both the Mother and Daughter are separated and face an emotionally charged, traumatic farewell that results in The Mother's death. This role will require a willingness to explore and perform a deep emotional vulnerability.
** Skill sets for this track: Wall running / Aerial Spanset / Some basic German Wheel (or ability to pick up quickly) / Strong acting ability

Daughter > The Daughter character is the epitome of innocence and righteousness, who then begins to witness the horrors of WWII. As one of few survivors, she suffers the devastation of extreme loss when she is ripped from her mother and faces the aftermath of war alone. This role has a very dynamic, emotional story arch; starting with the ability to play a youthful innocent girl, and tan ability to express and perform deep trauma and devastation.
** Skill Sets for this track: Single point bungee / Some basic German Wheel (or ability to pick up quickly) / Strong acting ability

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