Collin County Animal Shelter Volunteer Application
Please fill out every question. Once complete you will receive an email with further steps.

If you are a part of a group/family all wanting to volunteer, each person will need to fill out an application and complete all of the steps in the email separately.
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As of 2/1/2020, we will no longer accept any volunteer under the age of 16, even though it is mentioned in the orientation video. We are working on getting the video updated. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Volunteer Requirements
Minimum age to volunteer is 16 years old.
Once you finish orientation and all of your training, you must volunteer at least 4 hours a month.
What does it take to volunteer?
1. Independence – our program is run by volunteers – you will need to be capable of being on your own fairly quickly (we will train you!) and not be afraid to ask questions when needed.
2. Initiative – did we mention our program is run by volunteers? If you need something or notice something that needs to be addressed, ask questions.
3. Strength – sometimes it is hard when there are so many pets needing homes – but we never ever give up.
4. Patience – you’ll be dealing with the general public, and yes as much as we would like to just deal with animals we’re here to find them homes. So we help educate people and help find a great match, and sometimes it takes patience.
5. Resilience – sometimes you see things that you didn’t want to see. Being the front lines, we get cruelty cases, we get injured animals, we get people coming in to give up their pets… and as frustrated as we might get, we do what we need to do and we bounce back.
6. Love for animals – Above all else, we put the animals first. We’ve been told “I love animals too much – I could never volunteer at a shelter”. But those who love animals the most are the ones who can put their own emotions aside and find homes for these babies. Our shelter is not a horrible place for an animal. It’s a short stop on the way to their wonderful life, and we are here to make that wonderful life happen.
7. Training – we’ll help you out with this one!
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