Disabled Students' Campaign Buddy Scheme 2020-21
Please fill this in so we can build your group! You will be invited to DSC socials together and are free to decide what kind of commitment you want to make. There will be several socials throughout the year and lots of opportunities to meet new people, no matter how long you've been in Cambridge. The group will consist of 3+ students, with a mix of people who are new to Cambridge and who are more experienced so that we can all share knowledge. We will try to match up undergrads together and postgrads together where possible.

You don't need to have been involved in the Disabled Students' Campaign before at all, and don't need to be formally diagnosed or "registered" disabled. For more info on what "counts", see our infographic here: https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk/does-it-count-infographic/2019/

The information submitted here will be used only to link up groups. The initial linking email will contain some of the details you submit, but only if it was used to link you up. E.g. if you click "LGBTQ+" and your group are all not LGBTQ+, we won't out you to them. This data will be visible to the DSC committee members who are doing the pairing up and will not be used for other purposes. It will be permanently deleted once the buddy scheme is over.

If you would like to be a part of the buddy scheme but are not comfortable using this form for any reason, please contact disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk or a committee member to sign up via email :-) please use your CRSID (university email) unless you haven't yet been allocated one. You will be emailed a copy of this form so that you remember you've done it!

Join our freshers' group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302895284463468/
Our whole-campaign group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/286817838816877/
Subscribe to our mailing list: https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/cusu-dsc
Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/CambridgeDSC
Follow our page here: https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeDSC/
Our website with committee information and lots of resources: https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk/

Get in contact with us with any questions or suggestions!
Email address *
Preferred first name + surname *
Name used on social media (if different from preferred name; specify which social media)
Pronouns (e.g. she/ her, he/him, they/them)
College *
Year of study in October 2020. If you have intermitted or are studying part time/ double time, choose the year that best fits what you'll be doing in October 2020. *
Subject *
Is this the first year you'll be studying at Cambridge? *
What would you prefer to be linked up by? We will do our best to find a good match! *
Based on your response to the previous question, please give us some information about yourself to help us match you up! This is self-ID: you don't need to be diagnosed or otherwise 'prove' yourself :-)
If you would find it helpful to be matched on individual conditions or impairments, please note them here (e.g. EDS, diabetes, wheelchair user) and we will try our best! N.B. your group might not have exactly the same conditions as you, or may have different experiences
If you already know someone you would like to be in your group, please give their name and CRSID (email) and have them do the same in their form! (If there is someone you desperately want to NOT be placed with please write: NOT "name") If you cannot be around people with certain conditions for medical/ anxiety reasons, please also specify here and we will try to make it work!
Any access needs you want to be included in the initial email to your buddies (either in-person or virtual access needs)
We will try to group undergrads with undergrads, and postgrads with postgrads, with a mix of people who have been to Cambridge before and people who haven't, where this fits with people's requirements. If other people would be more suitable, who would you be happy to be grouped with? *
Anything else we should know?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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