Peak Academy Device Agreement 23/24
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A. Equipment  -  Montrose County School District RE-1J retains sole right of possession of the device and related equipment. The device may be issued to students for at home educational use according to the guidelines set forth in this document. The classroom teacher, school administration, or district employee retains the right to collect and/or inspect the iPad at any time and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware. Usage is a privilege and not a right. The device is a learning tool and NOT a toy, and will be respected as such. The Peak Academy iPad that is distributed to all Students in the Fall of 2023 is the only approved personal computer allowed for use at Peak and is used strictly for learning.
B. Cost - For students to be eligible for this program, students must be current on all fees at all schools in Montrose County.  The yearly tech fee covers the cost of the device for the current school year, which includes: the iPad or MacBook Air, case (must remain on the device at all times), charger, and software applications (apps). All should be returned in good working condition when a student withdraws, or when a student terminates enrollment at Peak Academy for any reason. The device will be returned no later the May 23rd, 2024, which is the last day of the trimester.
C. Student home use- Device(s) must be returned, or the student will be charged replacement costs • Students must ask permission before recording an individual or group. MCSD retains the rights concerning any recording and/or publishing of any student or staff member’s work or image. Students must obtain permission from an administrator to publish a photograph or video of any school related activity. • While personalized screensavers or backgrounds are permitted, inappropriate or provocative images including but not limited to pornographic images, guns, weapons, inappropriate language, threatening language, drug, alcohol, or gang related images are not permitted and subject to disciplinary action. •  The app store has been disabled on all MCSD devices and must remain so.  Additional restrictions have been placed on the devices as well and require a passcode to bypass.  Students are not allowed to attempt to bypass these restrictions.•  Students must have a G Suite for Education account to back up files to the cloud. The account includes unlimited storage and usage of Google drive and the apps associated with it.  Students should only be using their Google account for school related purposes.  Inappropriate use can result in forfeiture of the account.  • All students should recognize and guard their personal and private information. While on the Internet, students shall not reveal personal information, including a home address or phone number, or the address or phone numbers of other students.• MCSD makes no guarantee, written or implied, that materials on the device, including student work, will be safe from deletion or corruption, accidental or otherwise
D. Student Responsibility Use the device as a learning tool while creating original work that is not plagiarized or borrowed from a classmate or any other individual or source.• Assume personal responsibility for the device and take care to avoid damage and/or loss of the device.• Participate in classroom activities and follow directives of staff in regard to appropriate use of the device.• Use online resources safely, respectfully, and appropriately.
E. Parent Responsibility Be informed of your child’s activities on the device. Periodically use the device to become familiar with its capabilities.• Communicate concerns with teachers regarding the implementation of technology.• Communicate with your child regarding their use of the device• Talk to your child about values and standards that your child should follow on the use of the online resources just as you would on the use of all media information sources such as television, telephones, movies, and radio.  • Assist in storing the device in safe place after each use and before bedtime each day.• Assist in keeping the device clean.• Limit screen time to educational use.
F. In School Responsibilities Provide access to Internet, email and other online educational resources. • Provide an internet filter to attempt to block inappropriate material. • Provide guidance to aid students in using device as a learning tool• Use device effectively as a vital tool in the instruction and learning process.
G. Customization of Equipment - The student is not permitted to alter or add files to customize the assigned device. The student is not permitted to install software on the assigned device. Any intentional modification may result in the student no longer having the option to use the device at home. Downloading any types of apps onto the device without expressed teacher permission is prohibited.  
H. Internet Filtering - On campus students will be using MCSD’s monitored and protected Wi-Fi. While outside the school the student’s internet may not be filtered so parents/guardians are encouraged to be actively involved in monitoring their child’s usage.  The devices themselves are setup with certain Internet restrictions, however parents need to be aware that device restrictions are not 100% effective.  Students are expected to use the Internet, and the device, with the utmost respect and responsibility when exploring the web.
I. Damage or Loss of Equipment - Report any damage or loss to the Dean of Students, Mrs. Donohoe. If the device is missing for 3 days or more it will be considered lost. If the device is lost, the replacement cost is $300. • The first time a device needs to be repaired, there is a $50 fee.• The second time a device needs to be repaired there will be an additional $150.00 fee. • The third time a device needs to be repaired the student will pay the full cost of the repair. • Wall charger replacement cost is $15.• Case replacement cost is $50.
J. Standards for Personal Device Care - Student Responsibilities: With this device comes great responsibility. Here are some guidelines you need to follow:• Keep the device in a safe place away from pets and off the floor• Parents should monitor the educational use of the device• Keep the device and cord clean• We encourage growth in all subject areas--limit screen time to educational use only• The expectation is this device will be used as if the student was in the classroom• Bring the device back to school FULLY charged• Keep the device with you or in a secure area• The device is a learning tool and not a personal device• Adhere to the Montrose County School District Acceptable Use Policy at all times • Report any problems, damage or theft immediately to Mrs. Donohoe.  General Care:• Do not do anything to the device that will permanently alter it in any way• Do not remove any serial numbers or identification placed on the device• Keep the equipment clean. For example, do not eat or drink while using the device.  Carrying the device• Always use two hands to carry the device.  Care• Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens only• DO NOT use household cleaners to clean the screen
K. Personal Health & Safety   • Avoid extended use of the device while resting directly on your lap. The bottom of the device can generate significant heat.• Take frequent breaks when using the device for long periods of time. Look away from the device approximately every fifteen minutes• Keep the device in a secure location• Secure your device before going to sleep at night leaving it on your bed can lead to broken screens or hardware-we highly encourage parents to secure the device during bedtime, so students do not have access to it until the following day.
L. Digital Citizenship - The Digital Citizen will follow five tenets of citizenship in order to be a positive member of their cyber-communities. 1. Respect yourself 2. Protect yourself 3. Respect others         4. Protect others 5. Respect intellectual property
L1. Respecting yourself starts with the name you use to present yourself. How often do we see social networking or twitter names that are suggestive and questionable, or images posted to social sites that are inappropriate? How will your profile, online name and images portray you?  Many of the social sites will also ask personal questions. You need to think about the potential outcomes of answering questions publicly. When you join any social site, be sure to keep current on the privacy settings and keep a close eye and what is available to the mass public. Do not trust the default preferences to protect you.
L2. Protect Yourself - Always remember that anything on the Internet is never truly private. Be cautious with what you post and share in any cyber-community or messages. (This includes text messages and other communication via cell phones, etc.)
L3. Respect others - Model respect for other people in what you say online, what material you forward to others and the web sites that you visit. Also model respect by not allowing others to be disrespectful to others in your online community.
L4. Protect others - Every social networking site, instant messaging tool, chat room, wiki, blog and social media has a report abuse contact. Be sure to use it when needed. We can protect others by not tolerating and reporting behavior that is inappropriate or unacceptable.  Don't forward emails that are mean or rude, delete them.
L5. Respect Intellectual Property  -  There is so much information out there, there are so many amazing materials shared and so many people have given their precious time for free. A good digital citizen respects others’ intellectual property.
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