COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test - Order Form
COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test
*Applicant can order up to 5 COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test Kits per order form.
For an order more than 5 kits order, please fill this form again.

*Customer must transfers the correct amount before the COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test Kit send out to your shipping address
- Xcelom Member Price (Unit Price $650, 2 Kit: $1,300, and so on)
- General Price (Unit Price $750, 2 Kit: $1,500, and so on)
Order Method
Method 1:
Member Price (Existing Xcelom Member, Includes Mabio Uni Members)
- Can order COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening test kit at a unit price of HKD $650.
- You can register for Xcelom membership at the same time through this form

Method 2:
- General user can order COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening test kit at a unit price of HKD $750.

1: We accept the payment through Payme only
2: Transferred the payment through Payme and upload the transaction record for the certificate.
3: All transaction record must leave a message for your name and phone number
Process of Sample Collection & Order
1️⃣: Order COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test Kit by filling this form (*Information Requested: Name, Phone Number, Shipping Address, Email Address)
2️⃣: Transfer the correct amount to our Payme account.
3️⃣: Use Whatsapp to send your transaction prove to (852) 65581563 for verification.
4️⃣: After verification, our courier team will delivery your test kit.
- Call the delivery team 6228 8736 to arrange the delivery time.

5️⃣: When the test kit arrived, you can follow the instruction guide/demonstration video/courier's guide to collect your sample.
6️⃣: Sample Collection & Return
- You can conduct the test and return your sample to our courier when the test kit delivered.
- If you do the test later, please arrange sample return with our courier team.
7️⃣: The report will send to your provided email address once the report is ready.

Xcelom Limtied will follow the guidelines from DH CHP for suspected cases, and the person’s particular and specimen will be transferred to CHP for follow-up actions. The final report will be issued after CHP’s confirmation.
*COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test provided by Xcelom Limited.
*Xcelom Limited reserves the right to the final decision in case of disputes.
*Xcelom Limited reserves the right to disqualify the submission of any Participants who fail to comply with these terms and conditions and/or to pursue any act intended to corrupt The Activity.

For any inquiry,Please call (852) 3955 1368 or email us at
We obtained the CoV-2 quality assurance program from the Hong Kong Center for Health Protection
Please select the type of ordering COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test *
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