Be-Con Volunteer Application
If you would like to commit to a volunteer slot at Be-Con early (and get early reg in the process), please fill out this form. This needs to be done by 5/1 to receive early access to registration. Let us know what you can do, and when you can do it, and we'll get back to you. We realize that some of this may be dependent on game scheduling, but we want to have some idea ahead of time.
This does not have to be your legal name; please just let us know how we should refer to you.
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What experience do you have volunteering at conventions?
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How many slots would you like to work?
What jobs are you willing to do?
Ops will involve staying in the ops room, answering questions and calling for help if more serious issues arise. Consuite will involve putting out and cleaning up food. Registration will only be separate from Ops on Friday, and will involve checking people in and giving out badges.
Slots Available
Please note any slots you volunteer for, you are giving up your game in that slot. We recognize that this may change once you know what games are in what slots.
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