Imagine Charter School Class Placement for the 2020-2021 School Year
As teachers and administration start to make class lists for the next school year, we would like to have input from the people who know the children best; families. This list is for students going into Kindergarten through 4th grade. Please answer the following questions and then leave any comments that will help us with our process. Decisions regarding student room assignments will be made collaboratively among the sending teachers, special program teachers and administration. Placement is based on students' academic and social/character achievements and needs. There is a lot that goes into classroom lists, but we will take your comments into consideration, but CANNOT MAKE ANY PROMISES.

The procedures are:

1. Classroom teachers will recommend a placement after considering each of her/his present student's strengths, interests, and achievement levels in the areas of academic and social/character skills and gender.

2. Each classroom teacher will individually and then collaboratively review parent input (directly from this form) regarding student learning styles, student interests and family/student learning goals.

The following criteria will be considered when placing students in classrooms for next year.

1. Maintain a balance of academic, social and emotional needs.
2. Maintain a balance of attitude, leadership and independent/dependent workers.
3. Maintain gender balance.
4. Accommodate special academic and social needs.

Class lists will be available in July.
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What other information do we need to consider when determining class placement for your child? Please take this opportunity to provide information about your child you feel is important we know.
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Do you want to request a particular teacher? If yes, please list here. We cannot guarantee any teacher requests, but your input is very important. As stated above, there are many factors considered in placement. Thank you.
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