Peer Support
If Cyou're in need of peer support, this form is for you!
Briefly, the IPN peer support program is a free service that will match you with a trained listener who is also an IPN student. You can then meet with this student one-on-one to confidentially discuss anything on your mind (with no issue being too big or too small).
Please give us a few details about yourself so that we can match you to the supporter best suited for you. :)
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Which parts of the city can you meet in? (example : closer to the Douglas, closer to the MGH, downtown Montreal etc) *
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(Optional) What kind of support do you wish to get? (examples: feeling low/upset, anxious, stressed, restless about something, work-related issues, grad life woes, family problems, personal life, loss of a loved one, etc...)
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Preference for a male or female supporter *
What is your preferred language of communication when being supported? Although we are primarily an English speaking service, we will do our best to accommodate other language requests.
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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