Operation Cherrybend Veteran Participant Application (2022)
This application is to participate in the Operation Cherrybend Veteran Retreat held the 3rd week of September annually. Please answer all questions COMPLETELY and accurately. An incomplete form will be dismissed. This information will NOT ever be shared outside of OPCBEND. This is solely for organizing our event and to make it great for everyone who attends!  Once accepted you will need to provide your DD 214 and verify your identity. (Yes, that's necessary these days...)
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Street Address ONLY                                                                   (ex: 1861 Gettysburg St)                                                     Please put the city, state, and zip on the following modules. *
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What location were you stationed and/or military campaign? *
What year were you injured? What military campaign/location did the injury occur? *
Please give some details of your service and/or injury so we can match up with other OpCbend Participants. (We will not share this info with others. Please be honest and provide as much info as you can.) *
Please select all that apply: *
What is your Disability Rating? (Closest) *
Please list any other physical injuries not listed above. ( Please be honest and thorough. It helps us plan excursions and services needed. This info will not be shared or made public.) *
Do you use a wheelchair or track chair? *
Do you require transferring equipment or assistance for the accommodations or vehicles? *
Will you need to be booked off site for a hotel ADA room? *
Are you willing to push yourself to attend and participate in the activities of the event? *
This event is is a camp atmosphere with RV or Tent accommodations. You will be well fed, entertained with live music, and expected to engage and participate in activities with other veterans and crew. *
This is not an event with therapy or professional services. This is an event to build a veteran network of folks just like you. However, you could experience some emotions as you would when getting together with other veterans. It could  possibly drum up some memories but you would have the support of your brethren to push through it.   Do you understand and acknowledge you are able to attend and participate? *
Can you drive yourself to the event? *
Will you need to fly in to the event? *
Do you have a sponsor that would pay for your travel to the event if you are located outside of Ohio? *
Can you commit to this years event? We need a solid commitment for your participation. *
Why do you want to attend this particular event? What would make you a good fit for this event? (Please take the time to answer honestly and completely. We really read this and it helps us to select the new participant class.) *
What activities do you like the BEST? *
What activities do you like the LEAST? *
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? *
Can you please list a person as a reference that we may contact? ( Not a family member.) Or someone you know who has participated in OpCbend. *
Please list an Emergency Contact to keep on file. (Name and Cell number) *
Please list your Spouse or Partner. (Name and Cell #) *
What size T-shirt do you wear? *
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