Big Science: Technology Challenges and Business Opportunities
28th September 2016, 08.30 am - 5 pm
Seminar - Mini Exhibition - Poster Session - Round table discussions around challenging technology areas.

Creative sessions between companies, facilities, and academia.

Date: 28th September, 08.30 am - 5 pm (kl 08.30-17.00)

Place: Stora Salen, AF-borgen, Lund (Sandgatan 2, 223 50 Lund) Sweden

The day is free of charge.

During the day we will have seminars and also a workshop/ round table discussion around seven different topics. Each participant selects one topic (to be chosen further down).

1. Precision Engineering and production
Discussion about the production of medium to large quantities of scientific and technical component for ESS, Max IV and other research facilities Customized design, not off-the-shelf products.
2. Precision Movement and Alignment
Actuators and systems for moving, aligning and measuring position of samples and equipment.
3. Sample environment
Systems and equipment for providing thermal, vacuum, magnetic and other physical environment for neutron science samples.
4. Rapid support
Provision of off-site capabilities for machining, welding and construction of small numbers of items with short delivery time.
5. Control and electronics
Provision of control system and electronics for Max IV and ESS.
6. 3D printing
Potential future applications for 3D printing in support of Max IV and ESS.
7. Technical Consumables and procurement procedures
Provision of Chemicals, Air products, Mechanical components and other off-the-shelf items. Involving procurement officers at ESS and Max IV.

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