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Meritinfos Enterprises is one of the leading IT firms in Nigeria registered by the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria in January 2020 with registration No. RC 3050531. We offer advanced IT solutions to companies, organizations, and institutions for efficient and effective operation. The firm stands out as one of the top 30 Startup ICT companies in Nigeria and is soaring high to become one of the top best in Sub-Saharan Africa with a specialty in web design, graphics design, software development, and ICT training. By developing world-class software, we ease institutions and organizations’ operations. As a software developer, you will be called upon by the company to help execute major contracts and be paid accordingly. Meritinfos Enterprises, unlike many I.T Firms, encourages teamwork and a conducive environment for her developers. As part of encouraging this teamwork and unity, we organize meetups and vacations fully sponsored by our partners and Founder. You as a developer are a priority to us and we know what it takes to be a developer(thus, all our developers can choose to work from home - Remotely, and only converge if need be). Fill the form below to join the awesome family.
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