2021 Bike Law Foundation Ambassador Application
The BLF Ambassador Program aims to give bicyclists an opportunity to bridge the gap between their recognition of the immediate need for safer biking and ways to participate in affecting change.

BLF Ambassadors are a diverse group of people on bikes who lead by example no matter how much time and bandwidth they can commit to our mission. They participate in and promote Bike Law's initiatives within their state and/or region, often times under the guidance and direction of a regional Ride Proud Captain and/or Bike Law Network attorney. Education, exposure, legislative and policy reform, and more bike riding are some of the many ways our Ambassadors infuse a unique excitement and energy into the pursuit for cycling justice.

We want bicycling to be safe for all who ride, and we want those safety measures to be scalable and sustainable in every local community in North America.

There are more than 50 million cyclists in the US today. Most are marginalized without recognition, representation, or resources. As members of a growing community of vulnerable road users, we have an altruistic responsibility to work together to improve the safety and culture of utilitarian, recreational, and competitive cycling. LESS THAN HALF of America's bicycling community lives above the poverty line. If you are fortunate to be part of that demographic, and maybe even living or riding in a location that supports and values human powered transportation, you have great power that can help so many others who will otherwise be denied the opportunity to safely enjoy the freedoms and benefits of the bicycle.

Many of us have suffered the indignities of a crash or know someone who has. Some of us have lost a loved one to a reckless or negligent driver. We've all experienced a 'close call," punishment pass, or some form of harassment while riding. Our bicycle crash epidemic grows proportionately with the increasing number of motor vehicles with which we share our roads. Distracted driving, intoxicated motorists, inadequate and inequitable infrastructure, accessibility, and connectivity, and a missing understanding of the rights we have to our roads and those we have while on them create a perfect storm for people on bikes.

Together we can make things better.

BLF Ambassadors are leaders in their communities. They ride by example: responsibly, legally, and predictably. They invite and welcome new riders. They are inclusive. They are appreciative of the numerous differences amongst us and the important similarities we share. Most BLF Ambassadors have an active and engaging presence on social media which allows them to share our mission, current initiatives, and ways others can get involved.

Every BLF Ambassador brings something important to our table. There is a saddle for everyone who wants to help.

Come join our peloton.

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