Registration for Dantao Center: The Way of Transformation
I would like to extend to you a heartfelt welcome for your admission in the Dantao Center, a place devoted to the cultivation of the ancient inner transformation and healing.(Please note: a prerequisite observation of the class required in order to be accepted for registration for admission. If you have not observed a class, please set up an observation.
Sifu Sat Hon
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As with all physical exercises, caution must be taken before the exercise is started. You should consult your physician before starting any exercise program including Qigong, Taiji Quan and Medical Qigong classes. Persons with conditions such as heart disease, respiratory conditions, asthma, and other dangerous conditions should exercise extreme caution and consult with their physician before starting any exercise, including Qigong, Taiji Quan and Medical Qigong training. Any information given during the Qigong and Taiji classes and all related classes and seminars held at the Dan Tao Center of New York should be followed at the student's own risk. Sat Hon, and all other persons associated with the ATPS, Inc. and the NY Dantao Qigong School shall not be held liable for any damage including physical or mental damage caused by the taking above indicated classes and trainings. All material contained taught at the above mention classes in Qigong, Taiji Quan and Medical Qigong training as well as related seminars should be taken with extreme caution at the students' own risk. I have read and understand the above disclaimer and agree to relieve and forgo all indemnities and lawsuits toward Sat Hon and those mentioned parties. Please click on to agree in order to be accepted into the class at NY Dantao Qigong School
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