2021 Youth Spoken Word Leaders Program Application
The youth spoken word leaders program is a unique paid opportunity to:

a) Be mentored in: teaching artistry, event production, poetry, non-profit management and wellness by leading poets, teachers and organizers representing Mass LEAP.
b) Develop and run a monthly youth writing workshop and open mic series virtually!!!
Responsibilities include; attendance, set-up and breakdown, promotion, outreach and event management, budget management and fundraising, writing, performing and being the keepers of safe space.
c) serve on a board that advises MassLEAP's programs and functions (MassLEAP is the organization that runs the annual Wicked Loud Youth Poetry Festival)

Structure and Timeline:
This paid internship requires a 3 afternoons/evenings a month (all programming and meetings, after school, 2-4 hour after school time commitment from January 20th, June 20th 2021 (with a mandatory orientation, Saturday January 16th, 10am-5pm.
This commitment will rotate between planning, creative mentorship opportunities and the bi-weekly open mic/workshop series.
Applications Open: November 14th, 2020
Applications Close: December 31st, 2020
Decisions Communicated: January 9th, 2021
Mandatory Orientation: January 16th, 2021 (10am-5pm)

Once program begins, after school digital sessions and events will occur:
Worcester: Tuesdays
Lowell: Wednesdays
Boston: Thursdays

Planning meetings: First Tuesdays. Writing Workshops: Second Tuesdays. Open Mics: Fourth Tuesdays.

Must be between the ages of 13-20 years old.
Able to make 3 times a month after school commitment
Able to attend the mandatory orientation day in January
Live in Massachusetts
*all sessions will be held virtually, during pandemic.

Youth Paid Honorariums: Participants will receive 4 payments of $125 through the program. First of February, March, April & June.

For more information, contact: info@massleap.org or visit www.massleap.org
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Which cohort is your first preference? Keep in mind, due to the digital functioning of the program this year, you do not necessarily need to live in the area of service in order to be considered, although preference will be given to young people serving their commuities directly. *
Would you only be willing to work for a community you live in, are close to? Are you willing to work with a team of organizers in another area, if all the programming is digitial? *
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