2019-2020 Cheraw High Accelerated Dual Credit Application
Freshman students will be considered on a case by case basis with priority going to students who have successfully completed Algebra I and/or English I. There will be 30 spots available for this pilot program. The parents/guardians will be responsible for all supplemental costs from Northeastern Technical College. Applications must be submitted by April 23, 2019.
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In a short paragraph, describe why you should be selected to participate in Cheraw High School's Accelerated Dual Credit Program. Feel free to list your academic achievements.
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Parental Agreement: Please read carefully. By submitting this application, I understand the commitment of time, effort, and responsibility that my child will undertake if accepted into the Cheraw High Accelerated Dual Credit. This commitment includes my participation in his or her education; therefore, I agree to be involved, as well as accessible and available to the school to discuss my child’s progress. I recognize that acceptance into the program requires maturity and full commitment on the part of my child. Our signatures below affirm agreement to the parental commitment statement and acknowledge that all information provided in the application is accurate and complete. *
Throughout the ADC program (4 years), the student may be required to attend sessions, classes, or meetings at NETC. By agreeing to participate in this educational opportunity, the responsible participants accept responsibility to transport the student to and from NETC if needed.
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