Community Song Project
I'm working with composer James Stephenson ( to bring to life a cycle of songs that is relevant in today's world, and reflects the experiences and thoughts of real people like you and your friends and family. The songs will take us on a journey from darkness to light. It's not hard to read the news or turn on the tv and see the troubling stories of violence and division, but tucked in and around those stories are the stories of friendship, love, and peace that thrive despite the darkness, and sometimes come out of it.

What we want to know from you, is what do the following words mean to you: FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, PEACE. Choose one word or all three and respond below. You can respond anonymously, or you can leave your first name, or your name and age, or just your age.

We would love to hear from people of all ages, genders, races, belief systems, geographical locations etc.! We hope to use your responses to create the text of the songs. Ask your children or elderly relatives and record their responses too, everyone's input is valuable and meaningful to a project like this.

The plan is for me to perform the songs on an upcoming recital in Milwaukee this November. I'm looking forward to creating something special and uplifting that can be shared. Thank you in advance and visit often to see how others have responded.

- Emily Fons

P.S. You can see all the responses here:
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