SL-EMA Mutual Aid Agreement
Please fill out this application completely. Incomplete applications will be discarded.
What is Today's Date *
Fire Department Full Name *
Example: Firelands Rural Fire District (FRFD)
Chief Officer Name *
This person is ultimately responsible for their membership
Chief Officer Name (Second Life legacy name IE: john.smith) *
What fire system does your department use? *
Does your department use gridtalkie? *
If not Gridtalkie are you willing to provide network / channel ID's, or even radios in order to aid our incident communication with your agency? *
What is your network ID (Gridtalkie, Nexxus, etc? *
This can be found on the distribution case. Use of a grid wide radio system other than Gridtalkie does NOT preclude you from membership but does preclude the use of the SL-EMA Gridtalkie channel.
How many members are currently enrolled in your department? *
How many members are currently ACTIVE within your department? *
While we are interested in your total number of members we need to know the total number you can actually count on during a call or incident
How many stations does your department current operate? *
Include the station numbers, and sims they are located on
As chief officer, you understand that you are responsible for all of your membership during mutual aid calls and that their actions can preclude your department from SL-EMA *
The use of the SL-EMA channel is for Mutual Aid call purposes only. As chief officer you understand you are responsible for the radio etiquette of your membership including but not limited to ensuring all members have the department name clearly set in their handle *
Please note: multiple warnings regarding this will be grounds for your termination of membership from the SL-EMA
You certify that your department complies with the terms of service of Linden Labs including but not limited to abuse, griefing, intellectual property etc. *
You understand SL-EMA is NOT a recruitment group. Additionally any department caught poaching members, stations, sims etc. will be automatically excluded from the group and use of the SL-EMA channel will be revoked immediately. You certify you have not and will not participate in such activities. *
Please note: this is a "one strike" system. There will be no warnings. If you are caught doing the above mentioned activities your membership and Gridtalkie SL-EMA channel will be terminated immediately.
I understand that in order to be admitted into the SL-EMA group you must be a member of the SLIAFF or SLFOP in good standing. If you have any further information you would like to share you should do so below. Untruthful representation of you or your department is an automatic disqualification. *
Is there anything further you would like to share?
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