CO Springs Chamber Music Days! Application to Participate (July 6 - Aug 28th)
Hello, thank you for your interest in a safe-distancing, health-code abiding chamber music experience! This form will help us place you in in a chamber group AND schedule a weekly coaching at a convenient time and location. Ideally each group will have both a rehearsal and coaching time each week, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible depending on demand.
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What instrument do you play? *
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What school do you go to, and grade are you entering? *
(e.g. Cheyenne Mountain HS, Gr. 9) If you are an adult participant, put NA
Our current venue options are Broadmoor Community Church and Grace and St. Stephen's. We are still searching for other venue options further north, to better accommodate students in the LPHS/PRHS area. If we are unable find a rehearsal venue further north than downtown CS, would you still be interested in participating in the camp?
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