CMNS / LENR / Cold Fusion Journal Rejection Database
Database for CMNS/LENR/Cold Fusion researchers to record their journal rejection experiences.
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Can researchers or journalists contact you about your experience with the rejection of CMNS/LENR/Cold Fusion papers?
To support your survey response, we encourage you to optionally create and upload a .pdf of your correspondence with the journal and a copy of your abstract/paper as it was submitted.  You may submit these materials at a later time.  Please copy the upload link provided below for later use.

                                 Suggestions for what to include in your uploaded materials:

                                     1)  Submitted paper and other materials provided to the journal
                                     2)  Reviewers comments / questions / suggestions to the editor
                                     3)  Authors’ responses
                                     4)  Editor’s decision and action
                                     5)  Follow-up

                                          Upload at:

                                  If you use the link above to upload your materials now, please make sure
                                  to come back to this page to complete and submit the survey.
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