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The Society of Physician Assistants in Clinical Ultrasound is sponsoring the program, it is free of charge to members, registration is limited.
The Train the Trainer is a self paced clinical ultrasound education program designed for PA/NP/UME faculty. The purpose is to familiarize Faculty Trainee with applications in clinical ultrasound, so that the Faculty member can decide how best to implement ultrasound into the curriculum of their PA/Medical school/NP program. The Trainee will be assigned a primary mentor. SPOCUS mentors are sonographers that are fellowship trained, certified and/or have experience teaching clinical ultrasound. The didactic education will be sent to the Faculty trainee via web based FOAMed video content on a monthly basis. The Faculty member will receive a free text eBook and open access medical literature to augment the education. The faculty learners will need access to an ultrasound machine with a linear and low frequency probe, or lease a system like Philips Lumify ($200 per probe, per month and plug into a windows based tablet.) If you have access to an ultrasound machine there is no other durable equipment requirement. 1-2 times per month the faculty learners and SPOCUS mentor will meet via video conferencing for an hour session to answer questions, discuss pathology, reinforce topics and evaluate technique. The program is intended to be extremely flexible to work with the schedule of the learner, and program lasts as long Faculty member desires the education and is a member of SPOCUS. The time commitment is roughly 3-4 hours per application. The learner decides how many ultrasound applications they would like to learn a month. (As a reference most start with learning 1 ultrasound application per month. The following is an example to illustrate the process. The Faculty trainer signs up for the TtT Program on 6/1/16 and receives the initial briefing, text book and password and is assigned a mentor. The next day the Trainee receives an email from the mentor with the first lecture, in this case the FAST exam. The Trainee watches the videos, reads the book chapter as well as the most recent studies sent by the mentor, and practices what was taught on the ultrasound machine available in the Emergency Room where the Faculty Trainee works clinically. This take approximately 10 days, 6/12/17. The faculty member then emails the mentor and they decide they are going to meet on 6/25/17 to have their first Hangout session. Prior to the Hangout session, the mentor will send the Faculty Trainee a link to access their video meeting. The FT will may email the mentor a couple of questions, this allows the mentor the opportunity to gather some images, literature and best answer the questions that the FT is struggling with. The Hangout meeting lasts an hour and they discuss what the FT learned, pearls, pitfalls, pathology, and at the very end decide the next application to be studied, in this case echocardiography. The process then starts all over again with the mentor sending the FT links to the video content, book chapters and relevant material to prepare for the echocardiography evolution. The mentor may also send the FT some more studies that were relevant to the topic the Trainee studied or asked about in the last hangout.
The goal of the TtT program is provide faculty members a sound base of education on the basic applications of clinical ultrasound so that they can better understand how and where to implement clinical ultrasound into the curriculum of their medical education programs.
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