Dual Party Relay Service (DPRS) First Quarter Assessment Form (July, August, & September 2019)
Pursuant to Iowa Code 477C, wireless carriers and wire-line local exchange carriers providing telecommunications service in the state are required to pay $0.03 per month for each telecommunications service phone number they provide in Iowa.

Please provide all of the information requested below to ensure your company receives credit for its payment. Payment is due by October 31, 2019.

If you have any questions concerning this form, please contact the Accounting staff at 515.725.7300 or iub.billings@iub.iowa.gov.

**PLEASE NOTE** This form is for reporting first quarter FY20 lines (July, August, September 2019) only. If you are reporting information for a different quarter, please select the appropriate form from this web page: https://iub.iowa.gov/regulated-industries/dual-party-relay-service-assessment#forms

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