Headys 2022
Best of wrestling 2021
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Male Wrestler of The Year
Female Wrestler of The Year
Tag Team of the Year
Hell Yeah: Best in ring performer to watch
Match of the year
Special Show of The Year - Best PPV/Special Show
Commentator: Best play by play or color commentator
Non wrestler: Best non wrestler. Such as managers, valets, GM's, backstage announcers etc
Rookie: Best new comer (maybe not technically a rookie, but new to TV)
Most improved: Most improved wrestler from previous years
Worst wrestler of the year
I love that guy: Your personal favorite, regardless of why
I hate that dude: Your least favorite person in wrestling, regardless of why
Best Face: Best "good guy"
Best heel: Best at being the "bad guy"
Best promo: Best talker in the business
Overrated: Most overrated person, other may love em but you think they suck ass
Underrated: Who doesn't get enough credit ?
Biggest news event: Biggest news in wrestling
Biggest Flop: Wrestler, event, storyline that was meant to be big but was a bomb
Please Come Back: Who isn't around that you want to see back
Please go away: Who needs to retire
Best angle: Favorite storyline
Worst angle: Worst storyline
Promotion of the year: Favorite wrestling company
Worst Promotion of the Year
Most embarrassing: Who or what makes you want to turn the channel when someone else walks in on you watching wrestling ?
Holy $h!t!: Moment, in or out of the ring, that caused you to lose your mind
Guilty Pleasure: Maybe he sucks, or it was a dumb as hell angle but my God, you love it anyway
Look out for: Who will make a big name for themselves in 2021
Favorite DVD or Special: Favorite wrestling DVD (or streaming documentary/special) that was released
TV show of the year: Favorite wrestling show (TV or internet) of the year
Worst TV show of the year
Worst PPV of the year
Finisher of the Year: favorite finishing move
Worst finisher of the Year: your least favorite finishing/signature move
Theme Song of the Year
Worst Theme Song of the Year
Ring Entrance of the Year
Clear selection
Worst Ring Entrance of the Year
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Personal award: Make up your own award
Interview of the Year
Clear selection
IYH Episode of the Year
MVP of the Headyverse (most important fan)
Zoomer of the Year
Heel of the Headyverse (best bad guy/most hated)
Babyface of the Headyverse (best goodie)
Nickname of the Year
Worst Zoomer of the Year
Feud of the Year (most heated rivalry of the Headyverse)
Chat Champion: best member of the chat room
Facebook Fan: best member of the Facebook group
Moment of the Year (your favorite moment of the IYH year)
Rookie of the Year
Hall of Fame: Former guest to go into an IYH Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame fan: All time great IYH fan/caller that deserves to be immortalized
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