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This is the OFFICIAL BOOKGRAM REVIEW Tour for The End Begins by Sara Davison, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours. This is the first book in the award winning romantic suspense Seven Trilogy. This tour will be held from January 15, 2019 through January 19, 2019.

This tour is open to all instagram accounts, specifically bookstagrammers. This is a REVIEW Tour. Printed ARCs and Digital copies will be sent out to those selected for the tour. Due to shipping costs, print copies will be sent to US mailing addresses only. Digital copies, if available are open to international hosts as well. Hosts are to post an original photograph of their own that clearly features the front cover of the book, along with a mini REVIEW. Those requesting and selected for Print copies will receive a digital copy to start.

There will also be a tour-wide Giveaway for hosts to post and share.

SIGN-UPS CLOSE on December 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST or sooner.

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The End Begins
Author: Sara Davison
Series: The Seven Trilogy, Book 1
Publisher: Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense

One of them is a prisoner and one of them is free. The same one.

Bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly and Army Captain Jesse Christensen are on opposite sides of a battle. When martial law is declared, Jesse and his platoon are sent to Meryn’s city to keep an eye on the Christians and make sure they are not stepping outside of the confines of the law.

Fiery and quick-tempered, Meryn chafes under the curfew and other restrictions to her freedom. Jesse is equally amused, intrigued, and terrified by her spirit, knowing she could find herself in prison if she shows defiance to the wrong soldier.

His worst fears are realized when she commits a crime he cannot protect her from. Now they both face an uncertain future, and the very real threat of losing everything, including their lives. With time running out, Jesse works feverishly to convince the authorities to show leniency to Meryn. And to convince her that love can overcome any barrier that lies between them.

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Tour assets will be sent out at least a week before tour dates.

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2. Signing up does not guarantee a spot on the tour. Selected hosts will be contacted via email within 5 days of the end of sign ups.

3. All stops are required to be live on their respective stops at their assigned date by 12:00 PM EST.

4. For those that plan on reviewing this book in the future: IF you received the book for free, according to Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising," you must state on your review that you received a complimentary copy of the book and that a positive review is not required.

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