7 aug: Club-Show domare/judge Mrs Annica Högström, kennel Don´s, Sweden
En anmälan per hund. One entry form per dog.
Hunden/the dog
Namn inklusive eventuella titlar/ Pedigree name of the dog including titles *
Registreringsnummer/Registration number *
Kön/Sex *
Födelsedatum/Date of Birth *
Namn på hundens far inkl. titlar/Name of sire incl titles. *
Namn på hundens mor inkl. titlar/Name of dam incl. titles. *
Uppfödarens namn/Name of breeder *
Ägarens namn/Name of owner *
Mobilnummer/Mobile no *
E-postadress/E-mail adress *
Anmälan till utställningsklass/show class to enter: *
Obs! Vid anmälan av flera hundar i högsta avgift (200 kr), gäller halva avgiften för hund nr 3 osv./Half price on from the third full price entry etc
Anmälan till övriga utställningsklasser/other classes:
IMPORTANT! Fieldtrial/Workingtrials passed, e-mail copy of WCC. Photocopy of pedigree must be e-mailed ahead to eva_masthagen@hotmail.com.
Anmälan till lördagkvällens grillning/ Saturday evening BBQ
Anmälan till lördagskvällens grillning. Pris exkl. dryck 170 kr. Fyll i antal. Entry to satuday evening BBQ. Please write number of attendance. Price 170 SEK
Information in english
Age is calculated so that the dog must have reached the set age of the class on the day it is shown. The dog owner should be a member of Svenska Kennelklubben (SKK) or any other foreign club, recognized by SKK. For participating in breed championship shows membership is obligatory if nothing else is mentioned. Bitches in whelp may not take part in trials, shows or competitions in the 30 days before whelping and nor may they take part before 75 days after whelping, regardless of the outcome of the whelping. Please note! For dogs participating with incorrect information concerning the catalogue, classes etc. the result may be cancelled. For show regulations (for example regarding trials in order to qualify for the certificate) go to www.skk.se.
Please use this information when you pay your entries. Swift Payment - IBAN number is SE1280000836839834429210, Swedbank, Box 1100,462 28 Vänersborg, Sweden. SWIFT SWEDSESS.
Last entry- and pay date is 20th of July. Pedigree must be e-mailed to eva_masthagen@hotmail.com as soon as possible. Please do not forget to note any food allergies or special needs.
Övrig information
Sista anmälningsdag och betalningsdag är måndagen den 3 maj.
Mat bokas i samband med anmälan, uppge ev allergier och specialkost. Bokningen är bindande.
Klubbens bankgiro: 5761-7490, skriv vad betalningen gäller hundens reg nummer / mat antal (ev namn).
Glöm inte att betala i tid!
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