Stakeholder Survey Fall 2019 CSD
Clatskanie School District is seeking feedback from all its stakeholders to improve our schools. Please take two to three minutes to respond to the following questions. Please respond for your family only. You may take the survey as many times as you need to answer for the different children in your family at different grade levels and schools. Also, you may skip a question if you feel it does not apply or you don't know.
I am responding to this survey as a...
How would you best describe your race/ethnicity?
Would you describe yourself as fitting any of the following categories? (check as many as apply)
What grade level are you/your student? Check all that apply.
How well do you feel the school is preparing you/your student for the next academic year?
How much of a sense of belonging do you/your student feel at school?
At school, how well does the overall approach to discipline work?
If you are a parent or guardian, to what extent do you know how your student is doing socially and emotionally at school?
If you are a student, how are you doing socially and emotionally at school?
Your answer
To what extent do you know how you/your student is doing academically?
Overall, how much respect do you think the teachers have for the students?
How big of a problem are the following:
Not a problem at all
Medium problem
Large problem
Very large problem
You feel unsure about how to communicate with the school
The school provides little information about involvement opportunities
The school is not welcoming
You do not feel a sense of belonging with your school community.
Negative memories of your own school experience
Your student does not want you to contact the school
You worry that adults at the school will treat you/your student differently if you raise a concern
If you or a student is bullied at your school, how difficult is it for him/her to get help from an adult?
Overall, how safe do you/your student feel at school?
To what extent are drugs and tobacco/vaping a problem at school?
Overall, what grade would you give your school?
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
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