Tempo Dance Festival 2019 - Expression of Interest Information
Tempo Dance Festival is a presenting festival that promotes a diverse range of dance performances, installations, events and workshops. Tempo 2019 will take place in October 2019 at Q Theatre, utilizing Rangatira, Loft and Vault performance spaces, on Auckland’s iconic Queen Street and other venues and spaces in the Auckland region. If you want to propose an event outside of Q Theatre, such as a site-specific work or gallery event, we are open to your proposals.

Tempo is a platform to present dance in its many forms and styles, either as part of a Tempo-produced programme (in a shared programme or showcase) or as a self-produced full-length show or Double/Triple Bill. If using Q Theatre, venue hire, technical/production support and ticketing are covered by Tempo. All festival events included in the programme receive marketing and publicity support, artistic development support and festival management under the Tempo umbrella free of charge.

Some Tempo-produced programmes include (but are not limited to):

Double/Triple Bills (‘ready-made’ shared programmes of 3 short works by one or more choreographers
Shared Programmes (‘showcases’ of short works in a variety of styles)
Full-length works (‘complete’ hour-long works in any style)
Tuakana (contemporary and traditional work by senior Maori Dance practitioners)
Alchemy (short works by tertiary institute dance programmes or university students)
Ignite! (performers aged 13 – 18, studios, schools, etc)
Events for children and families
FRESH (new, short works by emerging choreographers)
Experimental Work (shared programmes or full-length works that might work best in a more intimate setting or as a ‘late’ show – burlesque, cabaret, risqué work, performance art, mixed genre work, shows for an ‘adult-only’ audience, etc)
OTHER shows and events – please be specific in your proposal

This is a request for an Expressions of Interest. We welcome your ideas for works to be included in Tempo Dance Festival 2019. If you plan to apply for funding (such as through CNZ or Foundation North Quick Response/Arts Grants or through Auckland Council funding, such as Creative Communities) it is ESSENTIAL to contact us BEFORE you submit your application so that we can discuss how we can support you and your work.

All Expressions of Interest for Tempo 2019 must be received before or by:

*30 SEPTEMBER 2018 if you plan to apply for funding (of any kind) or

*31 JANUARY 2019 if you do not plan to apply for funding

After all Expressions of Interest have been received, we will contact applicants to set up a time to further discuss the work with the Tempo team. Decisions on the 2019 programme will be made after these follow-up discussions have occurred and all applications and applicants have been considered. Expressions of Interest received after 31 January 2019 may not be considered for inclusion for 2019.

The submission dates for Expressions of Interest have been shifted forward from previous annual submission dates in order for the Tempo team to have time to give proper consideration for each applicant’s Expression of Interest and to allow time for funding decisions to be made well in advance of our programming deadlines.

Tempo receives a very large number of Expressions of Interest each year. When submitting your Expression of Interest, please consider what ‘point of difference’ your work/show/event has that would interest both Tempo (as a presenter) and a general audience (as patrons).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. The Tempo offices are located at Wellesley Studios, 113 Wellesley Street, Auckland CBD. Please feel free to stop in and see us. Or you can email Artistic Director Carrie Rae Cunningham at carrierae@tempo.co.nz or give us ring on 09 366 1616 or 021 114 2679.

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Please provide any link to Youtube, Vimeo, etc footage of your work or to your website (if you have footage on a DVD or memory stick, please either post or hand deliver a copy to us at: Expressions of Interest, c/o Tempo Dance Festival, P.O. Box 5072, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141 or Wellesley Studios – 113 Wellesley Street West, Auckland).
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