Girl In Awe Reader Survey
Hey there, wonderful readers of mine. I've got some really exciting content ideas for 2018, and I want to know what you loved this year, what you want to see more of next year, and any specific questions / topics you want me to cover.
None of the questions are mandatory, so skip anything if you want.
Thank you for being a reader and talking to me :)
How many of my posts do you read?
Which topics do you read? - You can select as many as you like
Are there any topics you generally don't read? Be honest, I know we all have different interests
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What do you want to see more of in 2018?
Do you want me to cover any specific topics, or answer specific questions? If so, let me know below.
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Are you interested in seeing video content about educational topics?
Would you be interested in seeing me do ethical & sustainable living challenges? For example, a 30-day waste reduction challenge?
How do you prefer to keep up with my blog?
If there is anything else you want to say, or some of my questions did not allow you give your opinion properly, pop it here :)
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