Motorcycle riders: let's create the nav app we're all waiting for.
Hi there! My name is François and I'm an interface and experience designer based in Belgium.

As part of a new project, I'm trying to understand how bikers use mobile navigation apps. Current applications all offer many features (GPS, fall detection, roadbooks, planning tools, ...). But are they really useful? Do these apps need to be so complicated?

In order to evaluate the viability of a product focusing on the essentials of what a rider needs behind the handlebars, I would be forever grateful if you take 5 minutes to answer a few questions. Thanks and ride safe!

All these answers will remain strictly anonymous and confidential.
What's your main motorcycle type?
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How often do you use your motorcycle to travel? (500 km/300 miles trip or more)
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How often do you use your motorcycle for a Sunday ride?
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Do you plan your trip in advance?
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