St. Nina’s Orthodox Summer Camp 2019 Registration Form
A Letter to Parents From Our Abbess
Dear Parent or Guardian,

We want to thank you for your interest in Saint Nina’s Summer Camp! It is a privilege for us to be entrusted with your child during his or her stay here and it is our prayer that our efforts will result in your child returning home, having progressed physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Upon submission of the registration form, you will receive a packing list, as well as more guidelines that will help you and your child to better prepare for camp.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in sending us all the necessary paperwork by June 8 for Session 1 and July 13 for Session 2, at the latest. The sooner you get us your child(ren)’s information and secure their spot(s) at camp, the better. If you encounter difficulties in completing any part of the form, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

As we prepare for this summer’s program, we ask you to keep us in your prayers; be assured of ours. We look forward to having your child(ren) at Saint Nina’s Camp!

Yours in Christ,
Abbess Aemiliane
& the Sisters with me in Christ

Session Dates and Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for each session is:

One Camper: $600
Two Campers: $1000
Three Campers: $1400
Four Campers: $1800

However, we do ask of those who are able to give more, to prayerfully consider doing so, in order to make it possible for families who cannot pay, to send their children and for Saint Nina’s Camp to grow, continuing to offer as much as it can to all of God’s children. Also, for those who are not able to pay full tuition, please contact us. We thank you for your consideration.

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