BLISS Retreat - Disconnect to Reconnect
Gold Coast Hinterland, BLISS RETREAT is happening 1-5 September 2022.

BLISS is for the woman who desires to DISCONNECT to RECONNECT.

Imagine 4 days OFF THE GRID immersed in nature, sisterhood and serenity.

Nowhere to be.
Nothing to do.
No kids.
No partners.
No distractions.
No responsibility.
100% YOU TIME!

Bathe yourself in soul nourishing UNWIND.

The 4 days are filled with somatic experiences, sensual movement, feminine embodiment, sisterhood, sound activation's, heart, mind body and soul wisdom, pleasure practices, meditations with fresh & plant based nutrition plus so much more

Dissolving all responsibilities, allowing yourself to be swept up and taken care of in the most loving ways.

You give so much to those around you.

You partner, your kids, your friends, you career.

Often left feeling depleted, over whelmed and burnt out.

It is now YOUR time to take care of YOU!

Imagine the wings of your guardians wrapping around you in a warm embrace.

Floating on a cloud while being fed delights to tantalise your tastebuds.

Letting go, melting into softness and surrender.

Illuminate you inner well of self care and love.

Recalibrate your nervous system.
Rejuvenate your soul.
Reactivate your feminine essence.

An opportunity to take off your proverbial pants and don the lush fabrics of surrender and feminine flow.

A sacred pause for your soul.

In a luxurious setting.

If you feel the yearning in your being to let go and melt into BLISS.

This is for you.

**please note, all information obtained is kept safe, private and confidential
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You are worthy of taking this time for yourself
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We'll take care of you...
In what ways do you feel you over GIVE in your life? ie. kids, partner, business etc *
What's most important to you in your life? What are your values? *
On a scale of 1-10, how present are you in your day to day life? *
On a scale of 1-10 how happy do you feel in your day to day life? *
If you could pin point it, what would you say is the main cause of disharmony in your life? *
Your luxurious home away from home
Your BLISS is in your essence
How connected to your feminine essence do you feel? *
How often do you take time out for yourself to BE and connect? *
Are you open to exploring somatic (body) practices to connect you with more pleasure, vibrancy and aliveness? *
Have you experienced a retreat before? (if no, skip the next 3 questions) *
Soul sister connection
If so, which one?
What did you enjoy most about it?
What didn't you enjoy about it?
Out of your head and into your body...that is BLISS
What consistent personal/spiritual development do you participate in currently? *
Why now? Why would you feel your soul is calling you to explore now? *
Do you have any medical conditions? Please list below *
How curious are you?
As we have many inquiries for Awaken retreat, it is important to us that we connect further with the most serious of applicants, so below are questions that help both you and us define if the next stage is a fit for you
Which Retreat are you applying for? *
BLISS retreat will be 1st-5th September 2022, or 9th-13th March 2023. Are you capable of creating space 4 days? *
If you are completely drawn to experiencing Bliss Retreat with us, are you the key decision maker for your choice? *
Is there anything that would be stopping you from choosing to join us? *
Take time out to reflect on the deck
Comfort fit for a Queen (you)
You made it this far...What now?
Thank you so much for investing the time in completing this questionnaire.  You are obviously being pulled to be here and the next step is to organise a call

Its so important for our team to ensure that those who join us in our blissful experience, are the right fit

It is vital to connect with you as we are very protective of the vibe at our retreats

We are creating family, community & life long connections

Once complete, Nikii will be in touch to organise a time to have a chat

We have limited spaces, so notifying us that you have finished answering the questions asap is appreciated

If you are a fit and you feel it, we are willing to work with you to make it happen!

Thank you so much again...

And we look forward to talking soon :)
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