EPM 2020 Evaluation Form
This form is to evaluation the Exchange Platform Meeting in 2020, our first virtual EPM. Please take a moment to reflect on the meeting as we'll use it to help us organise future sessions. It's anonymous, but feel free to leave your information if you want to be contacted for further questions.
How would you say this year's EPM went overall? *
Share with us your experience with EPM 2020, please. *
Did you experience any technical difficulties? If so, what? *
How do you assess the content of the sessions that you attended *
Did you find the topics of the agenda relevant when it comes to addressing the needs and concerns of the movement at this time? *
What sessions did you join? And how did you decide which ones to join? *
What did you think about the sessions? Was the content of the sessions relevant and useful to you? *
Where there any memorable sessions? *
How do you assess the facilitation of the sessions that you attended? *
What would you like to improve in the sessions facilitation during the EPM 2020 for the next time? *
Was the sessions time feasible in your time-zone? *
How do you assess the number of the sessions per day, and the sessions time? *
Email Address (if we may contact you for further questions)
Any suggestions? Comments? Worries? Anything else you want to tell us?
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By filling in this form and pressing submit, you are allowing SCI to process your personal data to an overview of all evaluations. This information will be used within the International Secretariat and the EPM Prepteam and used to evaluate the EPM. To find out more about SCI's Privacy Policy and Plan, please visit: https://sci.ngo/wp-content/uploads/home/Data-Protection-Policy.pdf
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