Delta HS Student & Family Commitment Agreement (CLASS OF 2025)
Parents and students should review this form together and both parent and student should "sign" at the end.

Delta is a cooperative STEM program of the Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland School Districts. Seats are limited; enrollment is by lottery. Due to the special nature of the program, students and families must commit to enrolling for a full year to ensure students remain on track for graduation. Once a seat is accepted for the year, the student may not be permitted to transfer to another high school program until the end of the school year.

Student Goals:
1. Success in an integrated and rigorous academic program
2. Contribute to the learning of others and to the school community
3. Create meaningful relationships with community mentors

Student Responsibilities:
1. I will be an active learner, be prepared for all classes with all assigned work completed, and be an active participant in all class activities.
2. I will take responsibility for my own learning and maintain satisfactory grades, citizenship, and attendance.
3. I will participate with classmates to find the answers to my questions.

Student Agreement:
I agree to accept enrollment into the Delta High School program for the 2021-2022 school year and commit to attending for the duration of the entire school year. I want to succeed, and I understand that I must take individual responsibility for my own success. I understand that discipline infractions will be treated under the policies of the school district where I am enrolled. If I fail to fulfill my responsibilities, I understand I may be placed on a behavior contract and/or exited from the Delta program.
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Parent Signature: Please type your name below to indicate your agreement to support the efforts of your student in meeting the above goals and that you understand the enrollment policies regarding withdrawal from Delta. *
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