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The Network of Assistive Technologists is always looking for guest presenters. We'd love to hear about your presentation idea...

Start the dialogue - Take a moment and let us know what you have in mind and we will be in touch to chAT...

A special note to Vendors...

On behalf of the members of our Professional Community Of Practice, The Network of Assistive Technologists is committed to providing quality continuing education and development opportunities. Presentations strictly of a sales or advertising nature are not permitted, unless part of a specific paid vendor based showcase, or as an organizational or conference sponsorship package.

Remember, education leads to sales. Sales presentations don't. Educate us about what you are offering and the how and why we'd want to include it in our toolboxes. Sales will take care of themselves.

Take us below the surface and help us understand beyond your brochure. We look for information such as

The who - Who is the company? Who do you see as your end users?

That what - What is it & what does it do? What makes it unique?

The when - When would we consider it? When should we expect updates?

The where - Where do you store your data? On what platforms does it work?

The why - Why did you create your product? Why should we care?

The how - How does it work? How do you support the end user? How does it differ from your competition?

Thank you for your understanding and support in providing quality educational based opportunities for our members.

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Please note - ALL N.O.A.T. sessions are held Friday afternoons with a starting time of 2:00pm Eastern and are held on Google Meet. Presenters are expected to be online at 1:30pm Eastern to prepare for the 2pm start.

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We will review your presentation proposal and be in touch to chAT further. 

There are times where a lot of submissions are received at once and it may take some time for us to reach out. 

If you don't hear from us within a week or so, please follow-up by email at

Thank you!

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