PATHWAYS 2019-2020 Negotiation Education Teachers' Fellowship Application
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This program includes four full days of teacher workshops, which are hosted nationally, meaning you will be required to travel in some instances multiple hours to attend a workshop. This program also hosts two Game-Changer workshops for you and a partner school of our choosing, which is 2 full days for you and 20 of your 5-point English students. There are also 3 webinars, which can be viewed from the comfort of your home. The events of this fellowship take place between October 2019 - June 2020 and attendance is required at all events to obtain the hishtalmut credits. Upon completion of the program, fellows are required to submit a teaching activity based on the content and methodology covered in the Fellowship.
Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the commitments outlined above?
Can you attend the 1st Workshop - the Program Launch of the NET Fellowship in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 from 10:30 - 16:00? *
Please note that this session and all teacher sessions are mandatory for participation in the program. A full schedule will be sent at the outset of the program.
Do you have twenty 5-point 11th grade students who would participate in the two-day student Game Changers workshop? *
To help us plan the program as best we can, which day of the week would be best for you to take off for the four teacher workshops?* *
(*We will take the shared responses into consideration as we plan the year. We cannot commit to your preference being the day we ultimately choose for these workshops.)
To help us plan the program as best we can*, would you prefer to miss school for a teacher workshop, or attend on a day you already have off for a holiday? *
(*We cannot commit to your preference being the day we ultimately choose for these workshops.)
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