The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Checklist
Whether you’re looking to launch a new eCommerce website or have a new version of a site in development, we thought it’d be handy to put together the ultimate cross-platform eCommerce checklist.

The checklist focuses on points to consider when migrating platforms or launching a new site, and the steps to consider before, during and after site launch.

From launching a new WooCommerce site and taking your first steps into the world of eCommerce to migrating a Magento site and launching a custom Shopware site, this list will be your comprehensive guide along the way.

Use this form and make a copy for each site you want to keep track of progress on. None of the field are required and form is set to allow you to return to update answers as and when you complete the checklist tasks.

Feel free to edit and tailor to your own needs. For detailed notes on each section and checklist item refer to our guide available at:

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