LGBTQ+ Band Composers
The intent of project is to compile a list of pieces by composers who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community and who have written works for band. The initial results of this project will be made available in December 2017 on the Lesbian and Gay Band Association's website for public use. After that time, submissions will still be accepted and the report will be treated as a working document and resource for conductors, educators, performers, and scholars interested in the music of LGBTQ+ band composers. Before submitting a suggested composer, please refer to the list of those already included to avoid duplicate entries.

Please be aware the results of this project will be made available to the public. If you are not out, or do not wish to identify as LGBTQ, then please refrain from participating. By participating, you agree to have the information provided made public.

Edited, verified, and vetted results of this project will be compiled from voluntary composer submissions and trusted, citable sources. Living composers who did not submit their works directly to this project will be contacted before inclusion unless their identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is well-documented in print and/or other media and will be cited. A list of contributors to this project will also be made available.

As terms for sexuality and gender identity are 20th-century constructs, composers of the past may not have identified as such. Through examining their letters and other primary sources, some composers of the past will be included in this project whereas others won't.

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If you are submitting this form on behalf of another LGBTQ+ composer, please submit a corroborating link to an article, interview, or other such reputable source confirming the composer's identify as LGBTQ+. Please no photo-only links. Unsubstantiated and spurious claims will not be honored or included in this project. If the composer is living, the coordinators of this project will attempt to contact them to see if they wish to be included.
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