Paramedics and Pandemics - participant registration form
Project title - Paramedic role and responsibility during pandemic response: a qualitative analysis

Thank you for your interest in this research.

Please use this form to register your interest in this research project. A few questions will be asked to determine which stage of the project is best suited to you, followed by a list of focus groups for you to register for in various locations. If none of the times or places suit you and you'd like to participate, please email the researcher - - and we can arrange further focus groups, one-on-one interviews, or Skype / telephone interviews.

No personally identifiable information will be collected, apart from an optional email address to keep you informed of any changes.

A light snack will be provided for participants during the focus group - if you have any particular dietary requirements, please email the researcher - at least three days prior.

Please ensure you have read the information sheet (available below). This contains important information related to this research project that all participants must be aware of. Also, please read the consent form and ensure you are happy to sign this. You can either bring the signed consent form with you on the day, or forms will be available prior to the focus group commencing if you prefer.

PARAMEDIC PARTICIPANTS: Information Sheet: | Consent Form:
COMMUNITY MEMBER PARTICIPANTS: Information Sheet: | Consent Form:

Updates and confirmation messages will be posted here, so please feel free to visit at any point in the future to confirm the details of your chosen focus group.

The details of the focus groups are:

PARAMEDIC FOCUS GROUPS (for paramedic participants only):

May 8, 2-3pm
Melbourne CBD

June 1, 1-2pm
Geelong CBD

June 6, 6-7pm
Melbourne CBD

FAMILY FOCUS GROUPS (for close family members of paramedics):

To be determined - please fill out this form to be notified of upcoming focus groups

COMMUNITY FOCUS GROUPS (for all other participants):

To be determined - please fill out this form to be notified of upcoming focus groups

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