School to school review: Parent Survey - Welsh Baccalaureate
Which year group is your son/daughter in? *
Overall my son/daughter is satisfied with WBQ at Bishop Gore School
My son/daughter likes WBQ *
My son/daughter was helped to settle in well in WBQ *
My son/daughter is making good progress in WBQ *
Pupils behave well in my son/daughter's WBQ lessons *
My son/daughter feels that teaching in WBQ is good *
The WBQ teachers expect my son/daughter to work hard and to do their best *
The homework in WBQ builds well on what my son/daughter has learned in class. *
The WBQ staff treat my son/daughter fairly and with respect *
My son/daughter's WBQ work is marked regularly with comments and targets for improvement. *
My son/daughter feels comfortable approaching staff in the WBQ department with questions, suggestions or a problem. *
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