Lighthouse 7s Registration
The Lighthouse 7s tournament is the Northeast Qualifier for the 2018 NSCRO 7s Championships. The tournament is being administered by NERFU and hosted by Babson College on April 21st and 22nd.

Any questions concerning the tournament should be directed to NERFU Executive Director of 7s John McGeachy (

The registration fee is $350. It can be paid via check, Paypal, or Venmo. Details on how to pay are below. Registration will not be official until the $350 is received.

We are expecting 16 teams total, giving each team 5-6 matches for the weekend.

If 16 teams do not attend, registration will be open to teams to enter a 2nd side for a discounted rate.

The first 16 teams to send in their registration fee of $350 will be given a spot. While any team may register, including Division I and II teams, preference will be given to teams that want to qualify for the NSCRO National Tournament.
In the event that a team not interested or eligible to attend the NSCRO National Tournament is registered and another NSCRO eligible team wishes to register, a full refund will be given to the team not eligible and/or not interested in qualifying.

Teams not interested in or not eligible to qualify for nationals can not advance to the semi-finals of the tournament or beyond.

All NSCRO Teams that register must declare if they are willing to attending Nationals. Further information will be sent to teams once payment is received. Teams that are willing must recognize that they must have the following:
-The ability to travel and stay for the weekend on June 2-3 in conjunction with the CRC 7s at Talen Energy (formerly PPL) Park in Chester, PA (near Philadelphia)
-Agree to selling a minimum number of tickets as decided by the CRC (around 75) - this is essentially and entry fee for the national championship and teams may buy the tickets out right then sell them to recoup their losses or even just give them away
-Agree to having a proper set of Seven's Jerseys that are appropriately numbered
-Agree to all NSCRO eligibility requirements, including submitting rosters for verification at least 14 days prior to the tournament

For questions regarding facilities and the Babson College area, please contact Carrick Pell at (

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