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Rhythm Church is prayerfully searching for a spiritually/emotionally mature, gifted, and passionate woman or man to join our pastoral team. The pastoral team equips the congregation for ministry and mission, oversees leadership and discipleship development, and keeps people knit together in a relational network of trust as we work together to move forward in mission.

This part-time pastoral position includes general pastoral responsibilities that will be shared with other pastoral staff (missional leadership, preaching, pastoral care, etc), but focuses specifically on ministry to families, youth, and children.

All applicants must submit a resume or CV (at the end of the application below) and complete the online application in its entirety. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

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Describe your general philosophy of ministry for families, youth, and children.
Describe what it means for a church to be a missional church. *
What parts of your current (or last) ministry job are the most energizing to you, and what parts are the most draining? *
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