The First Tee GKC Volunteer Interest Screener
Thank you for your interest in The First Tee of Greater Kansas City. Volunteers are very important to the function of our organization. We’re pleased to explore your interest and the various ways you might support our work, including Programming, Communications, Operations, and Development. Our volunteer leaders and Board members are drawn from, and serve on these committees.
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Program Volunteers
Assistant Coaches - Volunteers assist certified coaches at nearly all of our nine locations (Heart of America, Overland Park, Drumm Farm, St. Andrews, Hodge Park/Shoal Creek, Sunflower Hills, Twin Oaks, and Ironhorse). Volunteers have two hours of training online and in-person. Afterward, they assist our certified coaches in classes for minimum of two hours per week.
Certified Coaches - Those wishing to become certified coaches need to complete two and a half days of Level I training with national trainers and are then expected to teach a minimum of two classes during each of the three sessions per year. Each class meets one time per week.
Clinic Assistant Coaches - Volunteers help with the clinics we conduct at various locations throughout the year. These clinics are usually two to four hour commitments on a specific day. Clinics are sometimes free and open to the public or they may be conducted for a partner organization (such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters).

Program Committee
This group of volunteers generally meets six times a year to discuss and advise full-time program staff members on the strategic direction of the program area including the lessons on the golf course as well as in-school programs and outreach work.

Equipment Donation Management
These volunteers assist with evaluating donated clubs for our purposes, sale or further donation. They help with the sale of valuable clubs and the purchase of appropriate junior clubs as needed. They are also involved with garnering funding for purchasing junior clubs annually.

Development Volunteers
Event Support for Our Major Events
These events are: A Day For the Kids Golf Tournament, our Jr. Golf Day Fundraisers, and our Beyond the Fairways Breakfast. Event support includes:
-Fundraising assistance, soliciting sponsors and individual participants for the events.
-Event planning and execution.
-Graphic design, sign production assistance, and PR assistance.
These young professionals hold social / fundraising and awareness events periodically, and provide a pool of volunteers for The First Tee efforts. This group hosts one event annually as a fundraiser. The Ambassadors are an avenue for introducing The First Tee to our community and offer a variety of ways to participate to fit individual availability and interests.

Parent Committee
This group of participant parents assist with planning year-end celebrations for the participants and other gatherings that encourage the family atmosphere important in the participant mentorship and development. The array of events under consideration includes alumni events, adult/child scramble, off-season socials.

Development Committee
This group of volunteers assists The First Tee with annual projects such as fundraiser events, major gift solicitation, planned giving opportunities and other development efforts. Members usually work on at least one of the development projects. The development committee usually meets only twice per year to allow time for each of the development project committees to meet.

Operations Volunteers
Volunteer Chair
This volunteers assists The First Tee with recruiting, tracking, scheduling and overseeing volunteers on a variety of levels. This person helps write thank you notes to volunteers and helps publicize the benefits derived from volunteerism at The First Tee.

Data Entry Support
The First Tee uses Salesforce as a database for the participants and coaches. Properly recording information is essential to assist parents through registration and encourage participants to improve and progress in the program. It is helpful if these volunteers have some database experience even is it is not Salesforce. Although it is not necessary to complete this work in the main office, it is helpful to be "on property".

Volunteers can help The First Tee with the general accounting work, especially if they have general bookkeeping experience or are familiar with Quickbooks. These volunteers would need to be able to work on property.

Operations Committee
These volunteers contribute subject matter expertise and advice on operational matters. The committee meets three times a year, with additional meetings based on need. The committee oversees the budget process, financial reporting, insurance coverage, human resources and contractual agreements.

Social media
Building a plan and developing an efficient use of this mostly free publicity channel is key to a nonprofit’s success. Volunteers help us with creative copywriting for web posts and linking these to social media posts.

Advertising sourcing, determining the highest value expenditures, and assisting with in-kind efforts.
Assistance with professional marketing work to coordinate a brand and message. Including:
Ad campaign development.
Graphic design for appeals, ads, newsletters, and collateral.
Writing and photography for newsletter, etc.

Friend raising activities and publicity events are good ways to introduce The First Tee to the community. Assisting with sourcing these opportunities and/or volunteering at such events is always needed.

Communications Committee
This group advises and contributes volunteer work toward publicizing The First Tee through a variety of channels. Subject matter experts assist with the full communications plan to ensure the brand of The First Tee is recognized and intact. The committee also participates with implementation as needed.

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