2021 Free Herbal Self Care Bags: You are Loved!
Hello, Friend. I'm so happy to get you an Herbal Self Care Bag via The Compassion Acupuncture Project!

Follow us on IG and find more info on our website: www.compassionaccessproject.org

The Compassion Access Project/Compassion Acupuncture Project is run by a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist; However, please know that upon receipt of your herbal products, you will be solely responsible for correct use and dosage. The Compassion Access Project will also not be responsible for any allergy information, so please thoroughly check the listed ingredients of any herbal product before consuming.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shea directly at: compassionacupunctureproject@gmail.com

The Compassion Access Project exclusively serves marginalized people that do not have access to herbal medicine and self care products. We are currently able to send 25 bags per month; We will increase the number of available bags as we gain more funding. Shipping is limited to US.

**Please note: We will never sell your information. The only use for demographic and personal health info will be for gathering metrics to be sure we are reaching the people we wish to serve and to assess additional and ongoing needs so that we may expand our services in the future
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