Intramural Team Application Form TB2
Intramural is a weekly sports tournament that mixes semi-competitiveness and fun - enjoying playing is as important as winning.

Apply for an intramural team for TB2 here

Note, only RLA's should fill in this form for halls' teams - and a committee member for society teams.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL without a team, please go here:

If you are a returning team applying for TB2 - PLEASE DON'T FILL IN THIS FORM, you have been emailed separately.

Please complete a separate application for each sport.

New Sports
Note - women's football, rugby 7's, cricket, volleyball and rounders are new additions to the tournament. Their continuation will depend on interest and available facility time and isn't guaranteed. Also, there is very limited capacity for additional football teams.
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Team Contact
The team contact will be the main liaison whilst teams are being set up
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Team Captain
The team captain will be the main liaison once teams are set up, if you know the details already please enter it now, otherwise, we'll collect this information later -

if the captain and contact is the same person, please enter the information twice.

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