Notice of cooperation in the questionnaire about “International Comparison of Library Services for International Student in Academic Library”
Hitomi Makita
2nd grade of master’s student
Graduate School of Library Information and Media Studies
University of Tsukuba
1-2 Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0003

Dear Sirs,

I am conducting an investigation on the “International Comparison of Library Services for International Students in Academic Libraries. ” The purpose of the study is to clarify what library services are available and/or target international students and to consider the best practices of academic library services for international students in the future. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to answer the following questionnaire.

For each question, please answer as the director of the library or person responsible for library services for international student, or the equivalent to those people. Also, please assume that each question refers to the whole university library. If a question is difficult to answer, send round the questions to the section in charge. If a question cannot be answered, you may leave the space blank. When reporting numbers, please feel free to round or use an approximation.

To answer the questionnaire, please fill out this web form. Also, please answer by November 26, 2018. I will announce the questionnaire results in “”, which will be scheduled in February.

The questionnaire results will be used for academic research and not for any other purpose. And the results and a summery will be used for my thesis. Please contact me anytime if you have a question.


Hitomi Makita
Tel: +81-80-5679-5049

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