Interfaith Stories
The Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims is looking to gather stories and experiences of encounters between members of different faith groups especially between Muslims and Jews. Please respond to any of the prompts below to help us share the stories of interfaith tolerance, friendship and cooperation to inspire others and encourage more multi-faith encounters within the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: This document is a work in progress. The following prompts for interfaith stories we are distributing to members of Jewish, Muslim and other faith groups will be altered, and new prompts will be added, as more feedback and input becomes available. There will be a space at the end to suggest new prompts or changes to existing prompts.
Tell us about a time you visited a Mosque, Synagogue or place of worship other than one of your own faith's. What is something you have come to appreciate about another faith's practices or beliefs? Is there anything you have assimilated into your own behaviour or attitude?
Is Canada in general, and the GTA in particular, a place that encourages different religious groups to coexist and cooperate? Is your community doing enough to foster cooperation and joint understanding of other local faith groups? If yes, tell us what you appreciate about their efforts, and if not, what would you like to see your community do better?
Have you ever felt that you had to defend members of another religious group in a conversation with your peers? Describe the circumstances and what you said.
What was the first time you truly encountered someone of a different religion from your own? Have you ever attended an interfaith event? If yes, was there a memorable moment that stands out for you? Is there anything you want to learn about another religious group?
Have you ever witnessed or experienced anti-Semitism or Islamophobia? How did you feel? What did you do? Were there others around you who reacted differently?
Did one of your children invite a member of another faith group to your home? Describe your expectations of this encounter and whether it changed anything about your viewpoint. Has there been a moment or event when certain preconceived notions or biases you had regarding another religious group shifted? How and in what way?
Is there any prominent member of another religious community, for example a thinker, writer, imam or rabbi, whom you find particularly inspiring or noteworthy? Have you ever encountered this figure in person? What idea did they share that you found particularly inspiring?
What do you think are some barriers to interfaith cooperation and acceptance? Can these barriers be removed in the near future? If so, how?
In your opinion are any community groups promoting interfaith in the right way? Which strategies and programs do you find to be particularly effective and enjoyable?
Describe the impact of seeing an artistic masterpiece, artifact or architectural wonder of a faith group different from your own that you deeply appreciated.
Use this space for any other stories, experiences or thoughts you would like to share.
This questionnaire is a work in progress, please suggest changes to the above prompts or new prompts which would further the aims of this questionnaire.
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