2020 Poinsettia Order Form
By completing this form, you are placing your order for the 2020 SMM Poinsettia Fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds benefit our child sponsorship with One More Child.

Poinsettias will be available for delivery in Hardee County on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Hardee County: Because we have different people delivering to different areas, please make sure that your payment is ready for pick up on December 2nd. If you will not be receiving the poinsettias and someone else will be doing so for you, please make sure you leave payment with them. If we are delivering to your house and you may not be there, please make sure your payment is left in a visible area for us to pick up. If you are not comfortable with leaving your payment out and you will not be home, please mail your check to us at: SendMeMissions 303 West Main Street, Suite #3, Wauchula, FL 33873. Delivery without payment will result in an additional $5 fee. If something changes in regards to your delivery, please make sure you notify us prior to Tuesday, Dec. 3rd.
- SMM Poinsettia Fundraising Team
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How many 6in poinsettias would you like?
6in are $7.00 each
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8in are $17.00 each
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10in are $21.00 each
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